The Team

Ken Lynch

Ken Lynch

Founder of The Wearable Guy | Technologist | Healthcare Data Analyst

I started The Wearable Guy in 2023 as a way to leverage 3 areas of my life:

  1. My Bachelor’s degree in IT & Data Analytics
  2. My experience and expertise with IT technical support in both the Technology and Healthcare industries.
  3. My interest in wearable devices, fitness, and health.

Early Years

I was born just prior to the technology boom of the 90’s to early 2000’s. It didn’t take long for me to develop a deep passion for all things technology.

Some of the first devices I used were palm pilots, video cameras, and of course gaming systems (N64).

During this time, I was also a competitive swimmer, competing in numerous championship events.

While wearables weren’t around yet, my experience with various gadgets and high-level fitness helped pave the way for my future interest in fitness trackers and wearables.



I attended a technical high school where I studied Electronics Engineering for some time.

My experience there ranged from designing and building circuit boards for electronics to documenting step by step processes.

For higher education, I studied Information Technology, with a focus on Data Analytics.


Immediately after high school, I joined the military, where I spent time as an IT working with various forms of technology from computers to handheld biometric devices.

I accumulated years of experience in Tech Support and was coined the go-to guy for writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all of our technologies.

During this time, I also attended Navy SEAL training, which has provided me with a deep understanding and passion for fitness.

After the military, I worked in IT at various healthcare organizations where I used my tech skills to improve nurse efficiency, as well as develop training programs to familiarize staff with their devices.

All of my skills and experience throughout my career have helped me become a trusted expert in the field of wearable technology, and have helped me build The Wearable Guy into what it is today.

Reason For This Site

A handful of years ago, I experienced some health problems in my family which quickly made me start taking my health seriously.

This is also around the time when wearable technology such as the Apple Watch, WHOOP, etc. became more prevalent.

I bought my first Apple Watch not long after, and since then have been using the data from these to improve my health and fitness.

Due to my strong fundamental understanding and interest in technology, I have always been the the go-to ‘guy’ for helping people with their technology devices.

From helping friends and family with troubleshooting their devices, to writing professional how-to guides for tens of thousands of people.

It only made sense for me to create this site. A place where I could use my experience and expertise to help others learn how to get the most out of their wearable devices.

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