What is WHOOP? Membership, Strap, and Its Comprehensive Functionality

by | Jul 14, 2023

Aside from my favorite in-depth fitness tracker, WHOOP is a comprehensive fitness system designed to improve performance and health.

Its central piece is the WHOOP Strap, a device tracking a wide range of biometrics 24/7. But, WHOOP isn’t just about the strap, it’s an entire ecosystem aimed at optimizing how you recover, train, and sleep.

I’m excited to talk more about it, so let’s dive in.

What Is WHOOP?

whoop strap

At its core, WHOOP is a wearable fitness tracker designed to optimize your overall well-being and athletic performance.

It provides insights into your sleep, daily activity strain, recovery, and various health metrics.

By analyzing this data, WHOOP offers individualized recommendations to help users make informed decisions about their training, rest, and overall health.

It operates on a subscription model and emphasizes continuous 24/7 tracking to give a comprehensive view of one’s health and fitness.

The two most noteworthy aspects of WHOOP are the physical strap, and it’s membership model.

The WHOOP Strap

The WHOOP Strap is a minimalist, sleek wearable device that’s incredibly comfortable, and designed to for 24/7 wear.

It’s water-resistant and durable, making it suitable for all types of physical activities from swimming and snorkeling, to showering and sauna use.

It monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, calories, recovery, activity tracking, and many more metrics, offering a wide breadth of biometric data.

Author’s Note! WHOOP is currently on model 4.0, however, there is rumor of the 5.0 coming soon.

The Whoop Membership

WHOOP operates under a subscription model, which means that when you become a member, you’re not just buying the device, you’re subscribing to the entire ecosystem. In fact, the device itself is free when you purchase a membership.

Unfortunately, you can’t use WHOOP without a membership. However, you can cancel it, or pause it, assuming you are eligible, based off certain criteria. It is also important to have an understanding of their return policy.

The membership includes a WHOOP Strap and an easy-to-use app that offers in-depth analytics, which includes community of users to connect with.

There are 3 different tiers of memberships: 24 month for $399, annual for $239, and month-to-month, all which are accompanied by a 1 month free trial.

They even offer a referral program.

WHOOP’s Core Metrics Explained

The core of the WHOOP system revolves around three main metrics: Strain, Recovery, and Sleep.

strain recovery sleep

WHOOP Strain

WHOOP’s strain metric is all about giving you an insight into how much stress your body is experiencing from your workouts, daily activities, and the overall lifestyle you lead.

The strain score, which ranges from 0 to 21, offers a snapshot of the cardiovascular load your body is under.

It is measured by analyzing your heart rate data during workouts and throughout the day. The higher the strain score, the higher the cardiovascular load.

This detailed analysis helps you adjust your workouts and activities based on your body’s capabilities and prevent overtraining.

WHOOP Recovery

The recovery metric in WHOOP’s system is crucial in understanding how ready your body is to take on strain or stress.

It is a personalized measurement, considering your heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate, and sleep performance.

High recovery indicates a high HRV and a lower resting heart rate, meaning that your body is ready for high strain activities. Low recovery indicates that your body might need more rest to avoid injury or fatigue.

This metric is key in maintaining a balanced training program, helping you to know when to push hard and when to take it easy.


Sleep is an essential factor in your overall health and performance, and WHOOP offers advanced sleep tracking and insights.

It monitors your sleep stages, disturbances, and efficiency, providing a detailed analysis of your sleep quality.

Based on your sleep data and the strain from the previous day, WHOOP provides a Sleep Need that shows you how much sleep you should aim for the next night.

This is especially beneficial in understanding how your sleep affects your recovery and overall performance.

List Of All WHOOP Functionalities

what is a whoop strap

WHOOP is an absolute powerhouse in regard to functionality and data collection. Where other fitness tracker, such as the Apple Watch, have a general focus on fitness and health, the WHOOP focuses only on that, making it the best (and only) in its class.

Here is a complete list of all functionalities WHOOP offers:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring & Broadcasting
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Tracking
  • Ambient Skin Conductivity
  • Skin Temperature Measurement
  • Motion & Accelerometer Data
  • Sleep Tracking, Stages, Disturbances, and Efficiency
  • Respiratory Rate Monitoring
  • Daily Strain Measurement
  • Recovery Rate Calculation
  • Caloric Burn Tracking
  • Activity Type & Duration
  • Strain Coach Recommendations
  • Sleep Coach Recommendations
  • Live Data Stream (during workouts)
  • Community Features (like challenges and teams)
  • Integration with Other Fitness Apps

WHOOP Products

While the WHOOP Strap is the core offering, WHOOP also provides a range of accessories and apparel designed to integrate with the strap seamlessly.

WHOOP Accessories

These include various types of bands, from hydroknit bands for swimmers to bicep bands and even sports bras and compression tops with a pocket to hold the WHOOP Strap.

WHOOP Apparel

WHOOP’s fitness apparel, spanning shirts to athletic wear, offers comfort, style, and functionality for all your workouts.

Each clothing item is designed with a special pocket to hold the WHOOP Strap, making it easier to collect data during your training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WHOOP actually do?

WHOOP is a health and fitness system that tracks and analyzes your strain, recovery, and sleep. It provides actionable insights based on these metrics to help you improve your health and performance.

What is the downside of WHOOP?

WHOOP operates on a subscription basis, which some users may find costly. Additionally, some users may find the extensive data it provides overwhelming or challenging to interpret.

However, the biggest issue stems from WHOOP’s subpar customer service, and difficulty cancelling a membership.

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