Best Smart Ring For Sleep Tracking [2023]

by | Mar 5, 2023


Oura Ring 3 is hands down the best smart ring for tracking sleep due to it’s features, comfort, and accuracy.

Smart rings are gaining a lot of traction lately as wearable devices packed full of health and fitness features, one of those being sleep tracking.

They’re are capable of monitoring a vast amount of sleep patterns such as quality, duration, and stages and much more.

One main benefit to smart rings is their compact, lightweight size that is nearly unnoticeable by the user. Smart rings are a nice alternative for someone looking to track health data, that doesn’t want the bulkiness of a smart watch.

It can be hard to know which smart ring is best for your needs. That’s why we’ve personally tested them and put this list together of the 3 best smart rings for sleep tracking in 2023.

Let’s dive in.

Oura Ring 3

Oura Ring 3

Best Overall

  • Water resistant 100m
  • Titanium – durable
  • Membership required $5.99/mo
  • Body temperature sensor
  • Full sleep analysis
  • 5 different colors

On top of these features, Oura is by far the most comfortable ring of this list. It comes in various sizes, so regardless of the size of your fingers, there’s one for you.

When wearing the Oura, it doesn’t feel like you have a clunky smart device on. It just feels like a regular ring.

This makes it a no-brainer. The Oura Ring 3 remains the top smart ring for sleep tracking in 2023. There is yet to be another ring capable of dethroning it.

Go2Sleep Ring


Specifically for Sleep

  • Silicone and Acrylic
  • Compatible with Apple and Google Health
  • 3 sizes
  • 6g weight
  • Full sleep analysis
  • NO membership

The Go2SLeep isn’t a ring you’d want to wear out in public. But if the main reason you wear it is for sleep, then its aesthetics, or lack-there-of is not relevant.

The Go2Sleep does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. It is capable of measuring the most important sleep data such as sleep quality, O2, HRV, heart rate, sleep stages, and movement.

And it does this accurately.

This makes it an excellent choice for sleep, at an affordable price.

My biggest issue with the Go2Sleep Ring is that it’s so bulky. The second I put it on I felt like I was wearing a ring pop. It gets in the way when sleeping and overall is not as enjoyable to wear as the Oura, or other slim rings.

Circular Ring

Circular Ring

Newest To The Market

  • Only 5g weight
  • Comes with portable charger
  • 4 days battery life
  • Compatible with all phones
  • Made from stainless tell and carbon fiber
  • Available in 8 sizes
  • 4 colors

It isn’t a smart ring review without discussing the Circular Ring. Circular is the newest ring to the market, shipping around May of 2023.

The Circular ring will be able to track heart rate, breathing, temperature, O2, HRV, sleep, and will act as an alarm clock.

This ring has our attention as it is packed full of features, and appears to be aiming to dethrone the Oura from its first place position.

Key Takeaway

They Oura Ring 3 still holds the title of the best smart ring for tracking sleep. It has been around the longest and has a proven track record of reliability and consistency.

You simply can’t go wrong with it.

However, the Circular smart ring is going to give the Oura a run for its money with it’s competitive features and cheaper price.

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