Dropped AirPod in Toilet: Quick Rescue Steps to Save Your Device

by | Jun 6, 2023

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Quick Answer:

Quickly retrieve them, gently wipe and dry them off, then sanitize them with rubbing alcohol, ensuring it only comes in contact with the outside. Do not use or charge them until they are fully dry, which could take a few hours.

Picture this: You’re jamming to your favorite tunes while going to the bathroom, when suddenly your AirPod slips and, in slow motion, it drops… right into the toilet…oof.

Panic sets in, but no need to worry…yet. There may be time to save your AirPod.

Keep reading to find out the steps you need to take to save your earbuds and what you can do in the future to prevent it from happening again.

Dropped AirPod in Toilet: What To Do Right Away

Experiencing a dropped AirPod in toilet is an unfortunate struggle that requires immediate action to save your device. Do this ASAP for the highest chance of salvaging your earbuds:

Retrieve Quickly

First and foremost, retrieve your AirPod as quickly as you can from the toilet.

AirPods are not waterproof! The longer it stays submerged, the more likely it is that water will get into the device, resulting in them permanently breaking.

Dry It Off

Next, you want to dry it off as quickly as possible. Gently dry your AirPod with a soft, lint-free cloth, but if you don’t have one accessible, use whatever you have, such as a towel, toilet paper, anything.

Avoid shaking it or blowing on it in an attempt to remove water, as this may cause liquid to reach deeper parts of the device.

How to Clean AirPods After Dropping in Toilet

Now that you’ve recovered and dried off your AirPod, you need to sanitize it properly. After all, you did just drop your AirPod in a toilet.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Using a soft cloth slightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol (70% or less), gently clean the exterior parts of the AirPod. Isopropyl alcohol will help in killing bacteria without causing damage to the device.

Avoid Ports

Be careful not to get any liquid in the openings, and do not submerge your AirPod in any cleaning agents.

Assessing the Damage: Is Your AirPod Still Working?

After you’ve swiftly retrieved, dried, and cleaned your dropped AirPod, the next step is to check if it’s still working.

Test the Sound

Pair your AirPod with your device and play some audio. If the sound seems distorted or is not working, you may need to consider professional repair or replacement.

Check the Microphone

Try using the microphone on a call or recording. Similar to the speaker, if the microphone doesn’t work, you may be passed the point of no return and must buy new AirPods.

AirPod Not Working After Dropping in Toilet

If you’ve completed all the steps above in an attempt to save your AirPod and it still isn’t working, you have two options.

The first is to contact Apple Support in hopes that they can help you, although it is unlikely.

The next option would be to purchase a new pair of AirPods. Here’s a quick link to buy a new pair if that’s what you need:

How to Prevent AirPods From Falling into the Toilet

Once you’ve dealt with the current mishap, it’s important to think ahead. I think it’s safe to assume you don’t want to drop your AirPod in the toilet again.

Here are some tips to prevent future accidents and ensure your AirPod doesn’t take another dive into your toilet.

Use Ear Hooks

Ear hooks are an added layer of security to your AirPods. They will help reduce the chance of them slipping out of your ear.

I own a pair of these AirPod Ear Hooks and can vouch for them, because they have not fallen out of my ear since I bought them.

Be Mindful

Lastly, just be mindful when wearing your AirPods, especially in potentially risky situations like using the restroom or changing clothes.

Before I bought the Ear Hooks, I would take my AirPods out of my ears whenever using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, or changing. This is the most effective way to make sure you don’t lose them in the sink or toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AirPods survive being dropped in the toilet?

While AirPods are not waterproof or officially water-resistant, they could potentially survive a quick dip in water if they are retrieved quickly, wiped off, and left to dry completely for around 24 hours. However, water exposure can cause damage and affect their functioning.

Can AirPods be fixed if dropped in water?

If your AirPods have been submerged in water, there’s a chance they could still work if you retrieve them quickly and allow them to dry fully before using or charging them.

If they’re not functioning properly after drying, you may need to contact Apple Support for service options.

How long do AirPods take to dry out?

It is recommended to let AirPods dry out for at least 24 hours before trying to use or charge them again. This time allows for any internal moisture to evaporate fully, reducing the risk of damage when they are powered on.

Can I use rice to dry my AirPods?

While some recommend using rice to dry electronics, it’s not advised for AirPods as it could cause additional harm, such as dust or debris entering the ports.

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