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by | Feb 17, 2023

Update! Sleepmi posted an update on the Kickstarter page say they’ve started shipping the Sleepmi Z3 as of August 21, 2023.

However, many backers (people who invested in Sleepmi and pre-ordered the Z3) have yet to receive their device, despite it shipping months ago.

But it is important to note that some people have got their Z3 delivered, so it appears they are just slow to ship.

If snoring is a problem in your house, then the new Sleepmi Z3 anti-snoring device is one you do not want to miss.

This upcoming wearable has recently crushed their Kickstarter goal of $2,548 within 1 hour with a whopping $53,253.84 at the time of this update, on October 25, 2023.

Let’s take a deep dive to find out more about its design, cost, and ship date.

Sleepmi Z3 : What We Know

The Hong Kong company is changing the sleep device game with this new non-intrusive wearable. The Sleepmi Z3 uses AI to detect, track and eliminate snoring through their pulse-intervention technology.

Not only is the Z3 capable of detecting and eliminating snoring, it has a sleep tracking and full analysis feature built in, all accessible through an easy to use app on your phone.

Sleepmi announced their roadmap showing a production date of April 2023 and has begun shipping as of August 2023.

This means that those who pre-ordered the Z3 should have already received it, or will be seeing it soon.

For those who didn’t preorder, you should be able to purchase it online within the next couple months.

Sleepmi Z3 Features

Sleepmi Z3 is specifically designed to measure a list of sleep metrics to help you understand how your body is working while you’re asleep.

Some of these features and data gathered include:

  • Pulses to intervene snoring
  • Sleep duration
  • Snoring duration
  • Sleep time
  • Sleep score
  • Massage frequency
  • Massage score
  • Body position

Sleepmi Z3 Design

Sleepmi prides themselves on offering a product that is both comfortable to wear, as well as compact and portable.

Within the box, you’ll receive:

  • Sleepmi Z3 device
  • Adhesive cloth
  • Gel patch
  • Charging case
  • Ear strap
  • Type-C Cable for charging
sleepmi Z3

The Z3 is designed to be worn directly under your chin. You will be provided ith an adhesive patch to stick under your chin, or if you prefer an ear strap, you will also get one those.

The portability makes it incredibly easy to bring with you when travelling. You can bring and use it in public spaces such as airplanes, trains, buses, etc. without needing to bust out a full sized CPAP machine.

How Does the Sleepmi Z3 Work?

Using cutting edge in-house AI algorithms, the Z3 detects snoring episodes through their sensors, and the device sends gently pulses under your chin to interrupt snoring.

How Much Does The Sleepmi Z3 Cost?

The price of the Sleepmi Z3 is said to ship at just $159. For what it has to offer, and based off the competition, that’s an incredibly great deal.

However, they offer it even cheaper if you buy now through their Kickstarter at various tiers of cost and benefits, starting at just $79.

Sleepmi Z3 cost

Key Takeaways

The Sleepmi Z3 offers cutting edge sleep tracking features and snoring intervention at no expense to comfortability and portability.

With all the features that are promised in the Sleepmi Z3, the retail cost at $159 is hard to beat. For the early birds, you can get it even cheaper through their Kickstarter, despite them already reaching their goal.

This is definitely a wearable that has our attention.

Ken Lynch

by Ken Lynch

Ken is a Healthcare Data Analyst, owner, sole contributor to The Wearable Guy, and overall tech nerd.

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