Apple Double Tap Feature: Why It’s Not as New as You Think

by | Sep 13, 2023


Apple recently announced it’s ‘new’ Double Tap feature, hailing it as a groundbreaking addition exclusive to the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, which will ship with the new watchOS 10.

While the announcement created a buzz, those who are familiar with Apple’s accessibility features are left wondering what Apple is thinking.


Because the exact same function already exists, it’s known as ‘double pinch,’ and it has been available in the accessibility settings for quite some time.

What is the Apple Watch Double Tap Feature


In the latest release today, and as shown above, Apple has highlighted the Apple Watch Double Tap Feature as a convenient, one-handed way to interact with your device.

A simple double-tapping your index finger and your thumb together can perform a range of functions like answering calls, pausing music, and snoozing alarms.

Apple claims this feature will revolutionize the way users interact with their devices, but what’s so revolutionary about it?

The Already Existing Double Pinch

Apple’s touted ‘innovation’ seems to mirror an existing feature—Double Pinch.

Found in the accessibility settings, this function allows users to perform the exact same task, including numerous ways to customize various other hand gestures such as single pinch, single clench, and double clench.

We are unsure why Apple would pretend this feature never existed, but they seemed to have marketed the new feature very well, because it is headlining as a breakthrough addition to the next-gen Apple Watches.

What Could Be the Reason for the Rebrand?

Is Apple just repackaging an old feature under a new name? Why would they pretend it is a new feature?

These are the questions I’m asking myself and would like to see an answer for.

While this may appear to be a case of clever marketing, it’s worth considering whether the new Apple Watch Double Tap Feature offers any improved functionalities over the Double Pinch setting.

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