Best Apple Watch Band for Swimming (Top 5 for 2023)

by | Sep 3, 2023

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If you’re on the hunt for the best Apple Watch band for swimming, you’re in the right place.

Just like you, I’ve been through the frustration of trying to find a band that can withstand the challenges of an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re a casual swimmer or a competitive athlete like myself, having the right band can make all the difference in your performance and experience.

In this guide, I’ll take you through our top picks for the best Apple Watch bands for swimming. All of these products we’ve tested first hand, to ensure an accurate review.

Best Apple Watch Bands for Swimming

Here are our top picks for the best Apple Watch bands for swimming:

  1. Best Overall: Apple Watch Sport Loop
  2. Most Water-Resistant: Apple Watch Sport Band
  3. Most Comfortable: OXWALLEN Sport Loop Nylon
  4. Most Lightweight: SWEES Sport Band
  5. Budget-Friendly: Recoppa Sport Band

Compare the Best Swimming Bands for Apple Watch

Here is a comparison of important features of each of the top Apple Watch bands for swimming:

Water Resistance
Apple Watch Sport Loop
Apple Watch Sport Band
SWEES Sport Band
Recoppa Sport Band

Our Reviews of the Best Apple Watch Bands for Swimming

Best Overall: Apple Watch Sport Loop

apple watch sport loop


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Won’t fall off
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • On the pricier side
  • Not fully waterproof

Looking for an all around comfort, snug, and reliable Apple Watch band? If so, this is the one for you.

While the Sport Loop isn’t made of silicone, or any other material that sheds water naturally, the nylon strap only takes a couple hours to dry out.

When swimming with this band, it won’t shift, it won’t fall off, in fact, you likely won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

But, the price reflects that. If it is in your budget, I recommend buying this one!

Most Water-Resistant: Apple Watch Sport Band

apple watch sport band


  • Completely waterproof
  • Fits snug, won’t fall off
  • Comfortable


  • On the pricier side
  • Some colors will bleed over time
  • On rare occasions will pinch the skin

The Apple Watch Sport Band is the most popular of all Apple’s bands. It is made of fluoroelastomer which is a type of rubber, similar to silicone.

The Sport Band sits snugly on your wrist with zero chance of it falling off, which makes it the perfect band for open water swims, or for any exercise where you don’t want to risk losing it.

It comes in a variety of colors, but one thing to be weary of, is the white Sport Band gets dirty very easily, and we’ve seen the green colors bleed over time.

Other than that, it’s an incredibly reliable band that won’t disappoint!

Most Comfortable: OXWALLEN Sport Band



  • Dries out quickly
  • Hugs your wrist
  • Excellent price


  • Wears out over time
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Takes time to break in

The OXWALLEN Sport Band is a good option for those looking for a comfortable nylon band without breaking the bank.

During our testing, the OXWALLEN stood out as being incredibly snug, although it did take a a couple weeks to fully break it in to its ultimate comfort

While this band isn’t waterproof, it does dry out relatively quickly.

One thing we did notice is that after a few months of wearing it daily, the band began to break down.

It is also very easy to adjust and comes in a HUGE variety of colors.

Most Lightweight: SWEES Sport Band



  • Super sleek and lightweight
  • Fully waterproof
  • 3 per pack
  • Great price


  • Color wears out over time
  • Not the most snug, avoid oceans

The SWEES Sport Band is for you if you want a band that is inexpensive, comes with 3 various colors per pack, and is lightweight.

You won’t notice that you’re even wearing this band due to how slim it is. But, because of that, it lacks the snugness and safety that comes with bigger watch bands.

We suggest that you avoid swimming in open water with this, in the case that it falls off. But, after months of swimming in a pool with it, we never had this issue.

Overall it is a great watch band for a casual swimmer!

Budget Friendly: Recoppa Sport Band



  • Insanely low price
  • Huge variety of colors
  • Safety latch


  • Colors bleed after months
  • Doesn’t stay clean
  • Sometimes pinches

It just works.

The Recoppa Sport Band is a super inexpensive band that does great in the water.

The main reason is due to its safety latch that prevents it from ever falling off. On top of that it is fully waterproof since it is made from silicone.

However, due to its low price, it does tend to have issues months down the road with color bleeding.

Overall, this is a great brand and since it is cheap enough, it is not a big deal to replace down the road.

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