Best Apple Watch for Kids (Parental Insights for 2023)

by | Sep 5, 2023

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If you’re a parent like me, you understand the fine balance between keeping your children safe and giving them a sense of independence.

That’s where the question of the best Apple Watch for kids comes into play.

These high-tech gadgets can serve as the perfect compromise: they’re cool enough for kids to wear, while offering parents like us a way to keep tabs on our little ones.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the best Apple Watch is for your child or teenager, as well as some important parental controls that you should be aware of

Best Apple Watch Bands for Kids and Teenagers

Here is our top pick for the best Apple Watch for kids and teenagers:

  1. Best Overall: Apple Watch SE 2 40mm Cellular

The list is short, and let me tell you why.

Apple doesn’t have a large list of models available. It really comes down to the SE, the Series 8, and the Ultra.

Each of their models target a specific audience, and the 40mm SE 2 is designed for those with smaller wrists who don’t need the full functionality that would come with something like the Ultra.

What factors did we consider?

When it comes to finding the perfect Apple Watch for your kids, it comes down to a list of certain design specs and features that are completely necessary.

  • Small display so it fits them
  • Lightweight to make it more comfortable
  • Inexpensive, so it doesn’t break your bank
  • Parental control features to keep them safe
  • Cellular and GPS so they can contact you

The only watch that fits every one of these is the Apple Watch SE 3 40mm Cellular.

Our Review of the Best Apple Watch for Kids and Teenagers

best apple watch for kids


  • Smallest model
  • Great Price
  • Cellular
  • All the parental control features


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Cellular costs ~$10/mo
  • Lacks some health features

The Apple Watch SE 2 40mm Cellular is the second generation model of the Apple’s budget watch, SE. Let’s go over some of the important design specs and features that make it the best choice for your child or teenager.


The 40mm watch face display is the smallest of the Apple Watch screens, making it the perfect fit for your little one.

Due to its smaller size, it also weighs slightly less, which will prevent your child’s arm from tiring out with prolonged use.


The Apple Watch SE 2 comes out of the package with all the same features of a Series 8, minus the ECG, dust-proof rating, temperature sensor, and blood oxygen monitoring.

However, I have a feeling that those features aren’t the reason you’re getting this watch for your kids.

The more important features that come with this watch that are relevant to your child are:

  • Emergency SOS – notify authorities in case of emergency
  • GPS – track their location
  • Cellular connectivity – call or text you from their watch
  • Parental controls – you control what they have access to
  • School-time mode – restricts usage while at school
  • Water resistant
  • Swim-proof 
  • Irregular HR rhythm
  • Fall detection – get notified if they fall
  • Crash detection – get notified if they are a car accident


Coming in around the mid-high $200 range, the Apple SE 2 40mm Cellular is the least expensive Apple Watch on the market.

This makes it a great product for children, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking a more expensive watch such as the Series 8, or the Ultra, which runs around $800.

Keep in mind that you need to manually activate the cellular data through your provider. This usually will add an additional $10 onto your monthly cellphone bill.

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