Can You Wear WHOOP on Ankle? All You Need to Know

by | Jul 22, 2023

Quick Answer:

Yes, you can wear your WHOOP on your ankle. It’s designed with flexibility in mind, allowing accurate tracking across a range of body locations, including the ankle. Just ensure a snug fit for optimal data accuracy.

Ever found yourself in a workout, constantly adjusting the WHOOP strap on your wrist, or feeling the need for a change? Or maybe your place of work told you not to wear a watch.

If so, you’re probably wondering, can you wear WHOOP on your ankle? The short answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know before strapping it on.

Can You Wear WHOOP on Ankle?

Yes, you can wear WHOOP on your ankle. While WHOOP is typically worn on the wrist, many users have found alternative ways to wear them, such as the ankle.

To get a better idea of why the strap can be worn on other parts of your body, you need to have a basic understanding how the WHOOP sensor works.

How WHOOP Sensor Works

WHOOP uses a variety of sensors, including a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, to collect data about your sleep, recovery, and strain.

The sensor uses various LEDs to gather these measurements. So, in theory, you are to wear the WHOOP anywhere as long as the LEDs are in contact with your skin.

Important! The thicker the skin where you wear your WHOOP, the less accurate the readings will be.

Why Wear WHOOP on Ankle

There are a few reasons why someone might want to wear their WHOOP on the ankle. Some users report that it feels less intrusive during certain activities, like typing or weightlifting.

Others may not be able to wear a wrist watch at their place of work, such as in the healthcare industry. The ankle, in this case, presents a more suitable alternative.

However, WHOOP warns that wearing the band on the ankle might result in slightly less accurate data.

First-hand advice from WHOOP ankle wearers

Users have stated the following about their experience wearing a WHOOP on their ankle:

  • It’s comfortable and they don’t notice it’s there.
  • Some only wear it when they have pants on.
  • They were fine with the data from their WHOOP on their ankle.
  • Some say they’ve noticed slightly higher heart rate readings on their ankle.

Other Ways to Wear WHOOP

WHOOP Body is a line of apparel designed for WHOOP 4.0 that allows users more control over where they wear their device.

It is made easy by simply slipping your WHOOP sensor into their ‘pod’, then inserting it into the clothing.

Here are some of the other ways you can wear your WHOOP:

Wear WHOOP on Arm

One of the new options provided by WHOOP Body is wearing the device on your arm. The training line includes arm sleeves that incorporate a specially designed sensor pod.

To wear your WHOOP on your arm, you simply remove all the hardware from your 4.0, leaving only the sensor. Then, insert your sensor into the WHOOP pod located on the arm sleeve.

Make sure that the sensor lights make direct contact with your skin for accurate data collection.

Wear WHOOP on Torso

WHOOP Body’s training line also includes shirts and sports bras, while the intimates line includes bralettes, all with built-in WHOOP pods.

The process of inserting the sensor remains the same. It’s essential to wear the garment snugly so that the sensor is flush against the skin for accurate readings.

Wear WHOOP on Waist

The waist is another option offered by WHOOP Body’s range of wearable locations. The garments, like leggings and compression shorts, come equipped with a sensor pod.

For these, the sensor can be inserted while the leggings are still worn. Once again, the sensor lights must make direct contact with your skin, and the fit should be snug.

Wear WHOOP on Leg

Lastly, WHOOP Body’s leggings allow for leg placement of the WHOOP sensor. As with other locations, the sensor is inserted into a built-in pod.

It’s the only clothing piece where the sensor can be inserted while still on your body.

This is especially handy for users seeking a seamless transition between activities without needing to reposition the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will WHOOP work on my ankle?

Yes, WHOOP 4.0 is designed to work accurately on various body locations including the ankle. However, for the best results, the strap should be worn snugly to ensure the sensor is flush against the skin and the sensor lights make direct contact.

Can I wear my WHOOP strap on my leg?

Yes, the WHOOP 4.0 strap can be comfortably and effectively worn on the leg. This is part of the flexibility offered by WHOOP’s Any-Wear Technology. Make sure the strap is snug so the sensor is flush against the skin for optimal data tracking.

Where is the best place to wear a WHOOP?

WHOOP 4.0 offers flexible wearing options.. You can wear it on the wrist, arm, torso, waist, or leg. Each of these locations has been thoroughly tested to ensure accurate results. The best place would depend on your comfort and personal preference.

Can I wear WHOOP on my dominant hand?

Yes, the WHOOP strap can be worn on either hand, dominant or non-dominant. It’s designed to capture data effectively regardless of hand dominance. Ensure the strap is snug for accurate readings.

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