Can You Wear Whoop and Apple Watch Together? (2023)

by | Sep 21, 2023

Some people find themselves drawn to both WHOOP, for its recovery insights, and Apple Watch, known for its intuitive tech features and connectivity capabilities.

As they each offer unique functionalities, is it worth wearing both of them?

In this article, we’ll discuss the common consensus collected from dozens of people who wear both the WHOOP and Apple Watch together.

Can You Wear WHOOP and Apple Watch Together?

Yes, you can wear WHOOP and Apple Watch together, though some users have concerns about comfort, aesthetics, and potential data collection interference.

It’s a matter of personal preference.

Here are some insights we’ve collected from various surveys and forums, as well as my own experience wearing a WHOOP and Apple Watch simultaneously for over 6 months:

Utility of Both Devices

Many users find value in both the Apple Watch and WHOOP for their unique features. The WHOOP is known for its advanced analytics, notably in sleep tracking, strain, and recovery data.

In contrast, the Apple Watch serves as a more comprehensive smart device, providing features beyond health, like messaging and app notifications.

My Opinion:

Overall, I agree with the consensus. Both devices offer a completely different level of analytics and functionality.

I prefer my WHOOP 4.0 for sleep tracking, strain, and recovery data. I also love how you can wear the WHOOP while showering without having to worry about breaking an $800 device.

On the other hand, I like to stay connected to friends and family. Using my Apple Watch helps fill the gaps that the WHOOP lacks, such as simply telling the time, getting social media notifications, phone calls, timers, and more.

In regard to sleep, the Apple Watch (especially the Ultra 1 and Ultra 2) can be bulky. Since the WHOOP has better sleep insights anyways, I like to take my Apple Watch off while sleeping.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Some users have expressed concerns about the aesthetics of wearing both devices. But with the Apple Watch’s sleek design and WHOOP’s minimalistic band, it really shouldn’t be too noticeable.

Comfort is a potential issue, especially during physical activities or sleep.

My Opinion:

I have no issues wearing both the Apple Watch and the WHOOP. The WHOOP stays on my right (dominant) hand, and the Apple Watch stays on my left hand. This is because the Apple Watch requires screen touching, which I prefer to use my dominant hand for.

Regarding sleeping, I briefly touched on it above. The Apple Watch can be a bit bulky, but it is still comfortable enough to sleep with. However, I take the Apple Watch off at night simply because there is no need for me to wear both to sleep, and the WHOOP has been sleep tracking.

Data Collection Interference

While it’s technically feasible to wear both devices at the same time, some users worry about potential interference in data collection.

If you link your WHOOP to Apple Health, it can duplicate data, which can be annoying, especially when two of the same exercises show, doubling your calories burned.

My Opinion:

I have little to no issue wearing both devices, and only experienced data interference before I customized the settings to prevent that.

You can easily change the settings so WHOOP doesn’t write workouts to your Fitness app. This allows you to track a single workout, instead of two of the same.

However, if you would like to collect exercise data from both devices and have them both show in your Health and Fitness app, simply change the read/write settings.

Charging Concerns

 One of the notable distinctions between the two is the charging routine.

The Apple Watch often requires charging every 1-3 days (model depending), while the WHOOP boasts a longer battery life, roughly 4-6 days.

Battery life is solely dependent on usage, and I put the WHOOP and Apple Watch head to head in a battery test.

My Opinion:

As noted above, I don’t wear my Apple Watch to sleep, so I take this time to charge my Apple Watch. Don’t worry, leaving it on the charger overnight won’t hurt it. It is designed to trickle charge safely.

As we know, the WHOOP can be charged anywhere, anytime. I tend to think the Battery Pack is a bit uncomfortable to sleep with, so I just charge it at the end of the day before getting into bed.

Can You Wear WHOOP and Apple Watch On The Same Wrist?

wear whoop and apple watch on the same wrist

Yes, you can wear both the WHOOP strap and Apple Watch on the same wrist. Many individuals do this instead of wearing them on separate wrists.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Comfort: Layering two devices may feel bulky or restrictive to some. It’s important to ensure both are positioned comfortably to avoid any skin irritation or discomfort during activities.
  • Accuracy: Both wearables require a snug fit to provide accurate biometric readings. If one device pushes the other out of its ideal position, it might lead to skewed data. It’s essential to regularly check and adjust their placements.
  • Aesthetics: While some people don’t mind the tech-loaded look, others might feel it’s a bit much for everyday wear. This is subjective and depends on personal style preferences.

Key Takeaways

Combining the functionalities by wearing the WHOOP and Apple Watch together can be beneficial in gathering the most amount of data possible, but choosing how to wear them requires some thought.

  • Same Wrist: Might feel bulky, but convenient.
  • Different Wrists: Spreads the weight, possibly more accurate readings.
  • Accuracy: Positioning matters for data precision.
  • Personal Comfort: Find what’s comfortable for daily wear.

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