WHOOP Hydroknit Band Review (Hands-On)

by | Sep 5, 2023

The WHOOP Hydroknit Band is designed for those with an active lifestyle, tailored towards those interested in aquatics. The band promises high performance whether you’re in the gym, the pool, or even the shower.

In this detailed review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about the WHOOP Hydroknit Band, from unboxing it, to our hands-on review, and lastly, how to take care of it.

WHOOP Hydroknit Band Review

The Hydroknit Band is WHOOP’s new water-resistant, quick-drying band designed for active individuals.

What sets it apart is its speed of drying—twice as fast as its SuperKnit counterpart—and its ability to retain 30% less water.

They aren’t exaggerating about this. It dries FAST. The water even beads up on it like you’d expect from a waterproof strap.

This makes it perfect for water sports, sweaty workouts, and daily showers. On top of that, it comes in four colors: Riptide, Night Swim, Storm Grey, Deep End, Driver Red, Tidal, Kelp, and Wipeout.

(I got the Kelp, which is shown in all these pictures).

My Overall Experience

Here is my summary of WHOOP’s Hydroknit band:

  • It’s comfortable, but not as comfortable as the Superknit.
  • It slides around a lot, especially when wet.
  • They aren’t kidding – it dries very fast.

Is it worth the $49 price tag? That’s up to you.

I recently switched back to my Superknit because I had to adjust the Hydroknit dozens of times a day due to it sliding.

Buy it: If you want a band that dries VERY quickly.

Don’t buy it: If you don’t like the price tag, or if you prefer a comfortable band that stays in place.

Unboxing the WHOOP Hydroknit Band

unboxing whoop hydroknit band

The HydroKnit band comes in a standard one-size-fits-all design, with a length of 9.5 inches or 24 cm.

The band is made from 92% recycled polyester and 8% elastane, giving it a stretchy and slippery feel. Let me emphasis slippery.

The metals used on the hook and clasp are stainless steel, but be careful because it is flimsy due to how thin the metal is.

Overall, the unboxing offers a premium feel with WHOOP’s minimalist cardboard box and lack of plastic.

What’s included in the box?

When you open the box, you’ll notice a lack of instruction manual due to the instructions being printed on the box. Inside you’ll find:

  1. Band
  2. Hook
  3. Clasp

How much does the WHOOP Hydroknit Band cost?

The WHOOP Hydroknit band price is $49, or $40 for WHOOP Pro members.

Washing and Maintenance

Taking care of the HydroKnit band is as easy as cleaning the other WHOOP bands.

Just hand wash it with a gentle soap in cold water and then air dry.

It’s that simple.

Given its quick-drying capabilities, you won’t have to wait long before it’s ready for your next adventure.

Personally, I wear my WHOOP in the shower and just let it dry directly on my wrist. It’ll be dry before you know it. The benefit of wearing it in the shower is that you won’t have to clean it separately.

WHOOP Hydroknit Return Policy

If for some reason the WHOOP Hydroknit Band doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t worry. WHOOP offers a 30-day return policy on all unworn apparel and accessories.

Just bear in mind that you’ll have to cover the cost of shipping for the return. If the product appears worn, WHOOP reserves the right to reject the return, leaving you without a refund.

So it is important to be mindful of this.

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