WHOOP without Membership: Is It Possible to Use Your Strap?

by | May 3, 2023

Short Answer:

No, you can’t use WHOOP without a membership because WHOOP uses a subscription-based model, requiring you to pay monthly to have access to its many features.

Are you considering a WHOOP strap to track your fitness and recovery but wondering if you can use it without a membership?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of using a WHOOP without membership and whether it’s even possible.

Read on to find out if you can unlock the full potential of your WHOOP strap without a membership or if it’s an essential part of the experience.

What is a WHOOP and How Does It Work?

WHOOP is a popular and incredibly powerful fitness tracking wearable that measures various health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and recovery.

The WHOOP strap, worn on the wrist, collects data 24/7 and provides insights into your daily activities, workouts, and overall well-being.

WHOOP straps are water-resistant, allowing you to take them into your favorite water-based activities.

However, the true power of WHOOP lies in its advanced analytics and personalized recommendations, which is only accessible through a monthly subscription called WHOOP Membership.

How WHOOP Membership Works

When you purchase one of the three membership plans for a WHOOP, you will receive the WHOOP strap in the mail, and you will be granted access to their app, which is where you can view all your health and fitness data insights.

The three memberships that WHOOP offers are monthly, yearly, or 2 year memberships. The prices are as follows:

Monthly Annual 24 Month
Cost: $30/mo (12 month minimum) $239 $399
Broken Down: $30/mo $19.91/mo $16.625

Can You Use WHOOP Without Membership?

It’s important to note that while it is technically possible to use a WHOOP strap without a membership, the functionality will be completely limited.

You will still be able to wear your strap, but you will not have access to the advanced analytics, insights, and recommendations provided through the membership.

So, while you can ‘use’ it without a membership, you can’t access the app, which is the entire point of a WHOOP.

If you have a current WHOOP membership and want to cancel it, follow these step-by-step guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which WHOOP membership should I choose?

This depends on your financial situation and preferences, but, the best deal is the 24 month, followed by the annual, then the monthly plan.

What is included in the WHOOP membership?

Included in your WHOOP membership is the latest WHOOP 4.0 strap, as well as access to the WHOOP app, where you can view all your data.

Can I purchase a WHOOP strap without a membership?

No, WHOOP straps are typically sold with a membership plan included, as the membership is required to unlock the full capabilities of the device.

Can you use WHOOP without membership?

No, WHOOP is a subscription based service that is give to you in addition to the free device when you purchase a membership.

Can I still participate in WHOOP challenges without a membership?

No, participation in WHOOP challenges and access to the community features are only available to users with an active membership.

Can I use a friend’s WHOOP if I don’t have a membership and they do?

Technically you could use a friend’s WHOOP if they have a membership, but the data would all be located on their app.

Can I reactivate my WHOOP membership later if I cancel it?

Yes, you can reactivate your membership at any time, which will restore access to your historical data, advanced analytics, and personalized recommendations.

Does WHOOP have a lifetime membership?

No, WHOOP only offers monthly, annual, and 24 month memberships.

How much is WHOOP?

The WHOOP strap itself is free, you pay for the monthly membership which comes in three tiers: monthly for $30, annually for $239, and 24 month for $399

Does WHOOP have a lifetime membership?

No, WHOOP only offers monthly, annual, and 24 month memberships.

How can I get a WHOOP?

To get a WHOOP, simply go to their site, choose a membership plan, and they will mail you a strap.

Does WHOOP offer military discount?

No, WHOOP does not offer a military discount.

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