WHOOP 5.0: Expected Release, Rumors, and How to Get It

by | Sep 11, 2023

As someone who’s been closely following the evolution of fitness wearables, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the new WHOOP 5.0.

While the details aren’t public, the tech and fitness communities have begun speculating.

This article dive deep into what the future might hold for WHOOP 5.0 based on rumors, user feedback, and comparisons with its predecessor, the WHOOP 4.0.

At the end, you’ll find a conversation between me and WHOOP about the 5.0 pricing for existing members.

WHOOP 5.0 Release Date

The WHOOP 5.0 is expected to be released sometime in the last quarter of 2023 to end of 2024. This lines up perfectly with the timing of previous releases.

Let’s take a look at the previous WHOOP release dates to try to find a pattern.

  • WHOOP 1 release date: 2015
  • WHOOP 2 release date: 2016
  • WHOOP 3 release date: 2019
  • WHOOP 4 release date: 2021

There is no definitive pattern, but for the sake of it, we can say they release a new model every 2 years.

That means there is likely a new WHOOP model coming between 2023 and 2024.

WHOOP 5.0 Rumors

The WHOOP 5.0 rumors are circulating the fitness community. But what features we may see in the new strap are exactly that – rumors.

Some features the new WHOOP 5.0 could bring are a longer lasting battery, exercise initiation button, refined health metrics, better customer support, and more integration.

1. Longer Battery Life

Despite the WHOOP 4.0 already having a decent battery life compared to most other smart watches, who could deny they wouldn’t want an improvement.

It can be annoying to wear the Battery Pack due to its bulk, so having to wear it less would be convenient. Not having to charge your WHOOP for a week would be a game-changer.

Not just that, but with it is common practice that next-gen devices ship with a longer battery life than their predecessor. This goes for standard smartwatches and smartphones, so it’s assumed the WHOOP will follow.

This would set WHOOP 5.0 apart from other wearables, and it’s definitely a possibility given the trends in battery innovation.

2. Advanced Health Metrics

Robust Health data collection and monitoring has always been WHOOP’s strong suit, and the 5.0 version is expected to take that to the next level.

There are whispers about the incorporation of non-intrusive glucose monitoring. This would be a game-changer for diabetics and athletes looking to optimize their performance.

However, we aren’t holding our breathe for blood sugar monitoring, as it is a feature that has not found its way into fitness straps yet, likely due to a lack FDA approval.

Another possibility is continuous body temperature tracking, which could be valuable for detecting early signs of illness or even ovulation cycles.

3. Design Upgrades + New Button?

whoop 5.0 button

Not much needs to change in regard to WHOOP’s design. It is incredibly comfortable to wear.

However, the addition of a functional button to WHOOP 5.0 is something many users have been asking for.

Image a dedicated button for starting and ending workouts. This on its own could eliminate the need to have your phone on you during your workouts.

The buttons could also be customizable for other quick actions like mood logging or sleep mode activation.

4. Better Customer Service

Let’s be real, there are some serious improvements needed on WHOOP’s customer support.

While this isn’t directly related to the release of the WHOOP 5.0, I think it is the area that WHOOP falls behind in the most.

Hundreds posts on Reddit and various other forums show how displeased people are with the inability to get a hold of WHOOP, especially when it comes to trying to cancelling a membership.

5. More Integration

As of now, WHOOP offers integration with platforms such as Apple Health, Strava, and more. It’s even possible to indirectly link your WHOOP to MyFitnessPal via Apple Health.

But direct integration with other health and fitness apps like MyFitnessPal could be a huge upgrade in the WHOOP 5.0.

By directly syncing your WHOOP data with MyFitnessPal, you could track your caloric intake against your actual physiological output, all in real time.

6. Improved Heart Rate Monitoring

Another area where WHOOP has room for improvement is heart rate (HR) monitoring, especially when exercising.

Users have often reported wildly inaccurate heart rate readings, which can be problematic for those relying on these metrics for performance tracking or safety.

The entire point of a WHOOP is that it’s stripped of all typical smartwatch capabilities so it can focus completely on collecting accurate data. So, it should at least be able to do that.

Overall, WHOOP does a decent job at monitoring heart rate. It is not as accurate as the Apple Watch or Polar H10, but it has the potential to be in the upcoming WHOOP 5.0.

How To Get The New WHOOP 5.0

We’ve seen a lot of people ask, “does WHOOP mail a new device upgrade?”. And the answer is it depends.

As a token of appreciation for their loyal members, WHOOP will send the new 5.0 to all existing members who are eligible, and that opt into the upgrade.

Here is a conversation between me and WHOOP employee regarding whether or not existing members will get the new device.

WHOOP: “When we do release a new model, WHOOP offers our existing customers the choice to upgrade to the new version or to stay with their current one. Many members wait to upgrade at a later date.”


Me: “Ok thank you, is the upgrade free?”


WHOOP: “You may be able to upgrade at no cost to you! Your upgrade options will be presented when going through the process.”

Do Existing Users Get WHOOP 5.0 For Free?

For existing users, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. However the criteria that qualifies you for a free upgrade is unknown.

The most logical assumption is that it will be based on how much time you have left on your membership.

Hypothetically, if you have a month left on your membership, you may not be eligible. But if history repeats itself, you will be eligible if you have 3 or more months left, which was the case from the WHOOP 3.0 to 4.0 upgrade.

For those not yet subscribed, consider joining the WHOOP community to make sure you’re one of the first to receive the newest model upon its release.

Key Takeaways

Here is what we expect from the WHOOP 5.0:

  • Expected release: End of 2023 – End of 2024
  • Features: Extended battery life, enhanced health metrics, functional design tweaks, elevated customer service, broader app integrations, and refined heart rate monitoring.
  • Getting the new device: Current WHOOP members may be eligible to receive a free WHOOP 5.0 upon its release, depending on how much time is left on their membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is WHOOP 5.0 coming out?

The new WHOOP 5.0 is expected to come out between late 2023 and the end of 2024, if they the release date follows the pattern of previous WHOOP straps.

Will the WHOOP 5.0 be free?

The new WHOOP 5.0 will be free for current WHOOP members who have more than 3 months left on their membership, if they follow the same patterns of the WHOOP 4.0 release.

When did the WHOOP 4.0 come out?

The WHOOP 4.0 release date was September 2021.

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