WHOOP Integrations (Complete Guide to All Compatible Apps)

by | Aug 26, 2023

If you’re like me, you didn’t get a WHOOP just for the sleek design; you got it to up your fitness game.

But did you know your WHOOP can do more when it’s connected to other apps you’re already using?

That’s right, from Apple Health to Strava to MyFitnessPal, this strap is compatible with a list of apps to expand your health tracking.

So, let’s dive into the list of WHOOP integrations and discover the various apps that you can connect to, to make your life a little bit easier.

Apple Health Integration

WHOOP Apple Health Integration

Connecting your WHOOP to Apple Health is your golden ticket to a full-spectrum view of your health and fitness game.

It’s like having your personal health dashboard, where metrics from your sleep cycles to your workout intensity merge in one easy-to-access space. No more app-hopping to put the pieces together.

With WHOOP’s intuitive design, integration is a breeze. Once you’ve linked up, data like heart rate, sleep stats, and workout details effortlessly flow into Apple Health.

So now, when Apple Health shows you how you’ve been sleeping or how your heart’s doing, it’s pulling in that razor-sharp WHOOP data for an even clearer picture.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Apple Health?

  • Workouts
  • Active Energy
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Oxygen

Strava Integration

whoop strava integration

Unlock a new level of fitness intelligence by connecting your WHOOP with Strava.

It’s more than just syncing; it’s like giving your workouts a VIP pass to Strava’s expansive social network and route mapping.

In a few simple steps, your WHOOP cardio activities automatically find their way onto your Strava feed, complete with heart rate data, WHOOP metrics, and GPS routes.

The integration is a seamless way to visualize your performance metrics, and it’s a game-changer for anyone looking to level up their fitness game.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Strava?

  • Activity Type
  • Elapsed Time
  • Calories
  • Heart rate
  • Day Strain
  • Recovery score
  • GPS data

Training Peaks Integration

whoop training peaks integration

Elevate your training game by linking WHOOP with TrainingPeaks. Think of it as a powerhouse collaboration between your daily performance metrics and your long-term fitness goals. It’s essentially your personal performance dashboard, turbo-charged.

If you’re seeking to dial in your performance, strategize with a coach, or just get a holistic view of your training and recovery, this is the integration you’ve been waiting for.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Training Peaks?

  • Hours Slept
  • Time in REM Sleep
  • Time in Deep Sleep
  • Time in Light Sleep
  • Times Woken
  • Total Time Awake
  • HRV
  • Pulse
  • WHOOP Recovery Score

Health Connect for Android Integration

whoop health connect integration

The integration between WHOOP and Health Connect on Android devices allows for a seamless sharing of health and fitness data between the two platforms.

By linking these services, you can centralize your health metrics, making it easier to track and analyze your performance, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

This connection ensures that your WHOOP data, such as heart rate, sleep statistics, and strain scores, are automatically imported into Health Connect where it can be viewed alongside other health metrics.

The integration is designed to provide a more comprehensive overview of your health, without requiring manual data entry.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Android?

  • Cardio workouts
  • Sleep summary
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Oxygen

Today’s Plan Integration

whoop todays plan integration

The integration between WHOOP and Today’s Plan offers a less than comprehensive view of your fitness and health metrics.

This facilitates a more centralized analysis of your health parameters, making it easier for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to optimize their training and recovery.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Today’s Plan?

  • Resting HR, HRV
  • Time Asleep, Awake, Disturbances, Sleep Efficiency

Cronometer Integration

whoop cronometer integration

The WHOOP-Cronometer integration combines WHOOP’s Sleep, Recovery, and Activity metrics with Cronometer‘s nutrition and biometric data.

Once connected, you can view WHOOP metrics like Resting Heart Rate, Sleep cycles, and workout stats directly in your Cronometer Diary.

Cronometer Gold subscribers can also overlay WHOOP data on custom charts for deeper analysis.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Cronometer?

  • Recovery, Resting HR, HRV, Oxygen Saturation (Sp02), Skin Temperature
  • Sleep (time per sleep stage)
  • Workouts (time, calories burned)

Equinox+ Integration

whoop equinox+ integration

Equinox+ integrates with WHOOP to offer personalized class recommendations based on your WHOOP Day Strain and Recovery scores.

Recommendations are limited to EQX+ on-demand digital classes and are given on days you have a WHOOP Recovery score.

Pliability Integration

whoop pliability integration

The Pliability app, designed to optimize your physical wellness through targeted routines, integrates seamlessly with WHOOP.

To enable this feature, navigate to the ‘You’ tab in the Pliability app, choose ‘Integrations,’ and then select WHOOP. Once connected, the app provides personalized routine recommendations.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Pliability?

  • Strain¬†metrics
  • Recovery metrics
  • Sleep metrics

Hyperice Integration

whoop hyperice integration

Hyperice and WHOOP offer an integrated experience that allows you to get personalized recommendations based on your WHOOP data.

The synergy is particularly useful for understanding the impact of percussive massage and air compression routines on your recovery metrics.

The integration is currently iOS-only and works through Apple Health.

What Data Does WHOOP Share with Hyperice?

  • Activities
  • Sleep Metrics
  • Recovery Metrics

What Other Apps Can WHOOP Connect To?

While WHOOP has limited direct integrations, don’t worry, there are some work-arounds.

There are ways you can link your WHOOP data with other popular platforms like MyFitnessPal and Concept2.

These offer non-traditional means of syncing various, but limited, WHOOP metrics with your favorite fitness and nutrition apps.

For instance, you can connect your WHOOP to MyFitnessPal by first syncing it with a compatible app, such as Apple Health.

Similarly, you can connect your WHOOP to a Concept2 machine to broadcast your heart rate live on the screen.

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